Stove Installations in Aylesbury & High Wycombe

A wood burning stove is a beautiful addition to any home and here at Fluent Chimneys we aim to make your dream a reality. We are fully qualified HETAS installers who have years of experience installing stoves throughout Aylesbury and High Wycombe. Therefore you can trust that we are fully able to install chimneys, flue systems and stoves, alongside testing your flue and sweeping your flue. This ensures that your new multi-fuel or wood burning stove is running smoothly and, more importantly, safely.

Each stove installation which we undertake is covered by the building regulations document J. This not only demonstrates our capability as installers to use best practice techniques to ensure each installation is completed to the highest standards but our compliance to current regulations. With this in mind, we have performed a variety of different stove installations throughout Aylesbury, High Wycombe and the nearby areas. As you can see, we at Fluent Chimneys have a wealth of knowledge, skill and experience which we successfully use to complete a variety of projects to a high standard of quality time and time again.

Wood & Multi fuel options


At Fluent Chimneys we believe that wood and multi-fuel stoves are a great addition to any home which is why we have a wide choice of styles available. You will have the option of both traditional and contemporary stoves, ensuring you find a stove which sits perfectly into the interior of your home.

While aesthetics are important, performance is equally as important which is why you will find upon browsing through our extensive collection of stoves, that they are a cost-effective alternative to heating your home with extra features which include air wash technology and clean-burn innovations. These features are proven to reduce maintenance and lower carbon emissions.

Chimney Lining Installation

Chimney Service

If you believe that your chimney lining needs replacing, you have come to the right place. At Fluent Chimneys we are experts in chimney liner installation, lining or relining flues and we use a wide range of different techniques to ensure that it is done safely.

If you suspect that your chimney is leaking, it needs repointing or the pots on the top of the stack need to be reflaunched then it’s time you called an expert. Even if there is an increase in the amount of water in the flue, this could increase the risk of damp with could deteriorate the lining. This can be dangerous because leaking chimneys can allow harmful smoke to leak into your home or even your neighbour’s. This can also affect your loft spaces or bedrooms. The cost of relining a chimney often shocks customers. Chimney liner cost can be surprising and as a result often presume that they would be better off fitting it themselves.

Lining your own chimney can be very dangerous. You need to be absolutely sure you have enough manpower to handle this large, sometimes heavy, liner or accidents can happen. At Fluent Chimneys we are fully trained and experienced stove installers who operate across Aylesbury, High Wycombe and the surrounding areas. Apart from being accredited by HETAS, we can also service and provide maintenance to your stoves in addition to our chimney sweeping service.

New Chimney Installations

If you don’t currently have a chimney breast but would like a fireplace installed on or close to an external wall then all is not lost. We can create a fireplace for you using either a new brick chimney breast or a flue system.

We can also construct a false chimney breast from either stud work or in block work which contains the flue. The flue runs up to the ceiling where it turns 90 degrees and exits through the external wall and into a fan. We build silencers in to the flue run to muffle the sound of the fan to almost a silent operation.

In instances where the fireplace is intended to be installed on an internal wall and where the external wall lies to either side then we can build the flue to turn 90 degrees to the appropriate side. We can even make it run back down to floor level and run it alongside your external wall where it would again be terminated with a fan.

There are building regulations we must adhere to in order to ensure your new chimney meets the regulations but we are confident that we can deliver you your perfect chimney whilst adhering to these standards.


Fireplaces are a very personal choice and at Fluent Chimneys we cater for all tastes with hundreds of different styles to suit everyone’s individual style. They come in a vast number of sizes and are available in many types including granite and wood. They also come in virtually every colour that you can think of.

Granite Fireplaces

Granite Fireplace

Granite fireplaces are a popular choice with many of our customers – creating a luxurious statement which is timeless. We have a wide choice of fireplaces which are constructed from high-grade granite, and whether you want a natural finish or the more glamorous effect of our black granite we are sure you’ll be pleased with the final finish.

Wooden Fireplaces

Wooden Fireplace

Alongside the sheer beauty of our granite fireplaces we also have a lovely collection of wooden fireplaces which boast an raw and organic texture which cannot be easily replicated. With this in mind, you will have a choice of pine, oak, cherry and many other types of wood, and because we work alongside some of the best manufacturers of wooden surrounds you can rest assured that our wooden fireplaces are constructed using the best materials available and responsibly sourced.


Slabbed Tiled Hearths

There are a range of colours available in glazed ceramics of a high quality. These are suitable for all fuel types including solid fuels and gas. Slab tiled hearths are available in tongued back and flat back models.

Polished Granite Hearths

If you desire a hearth which exudes luxury then our granite hearts are the perfect choice. Each of our granite hearths are cut from a single slab of granite, producing a seamless finish which is truly beautiful. Furthermore, out polished granite hearths are available in three different styles – straight, curved or tongued.

Our granite hearths are typically suited to gas fires as the intense heat generated by solid fuel burners can cause cracking.

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