Chimney Sweeping in Aylesbury


Having your chimney swept by a chimney sweep is required for the successful operation of your stove and is an important task when it comes to having a stove. Tar, soot and deposit build up in a chimney can cause restriction in the chimney area, which can make the running of the stove ineffective and as a result can make the stove smoke. If you have a soot fall in the chimney this can block the flue leading from the stove and make it smoke a lot. The build up of deposits in your chimney can also lead to a chimney fire which you really don’t want to happen.

The first measure is to ensure that the chimneys are regularly swept by an experienced and preferably qualified chimney sweep, who should be able to identify potential problems at an early stage.
One way of addressing the risk of heat transfer from the flue to the thatch is to use an insulated flue liner. There are a number of insulated flue liners available on the market. Metal liners are available with insulation or an infill can be used around the liner. This infill is an insulating material such as ‘vermiculite’ or ‘pumice’. Clay liners can be used or there are pre-formed cement modules incorporating kiln burnt and pumice aggregate. These have very good thermal qualities.

Experienced Chimney Sweeps working throughout High Wycombe

Having been in the chimney sweeping business for many years we still uphold traditional values and ethics whilst at the same time we embracing modern techniques and equipment to ensure we not only stay ahead of the competition but give a superior service ensuring that our customers throughout Aylesbury and High Wycombe are happy and they come back year after year.

Our service is clean, efficient and our techniques ensure no dust backs meaning that the residue is kept to a minimum. We take customer service very seriously and can offer advice and consultation on your chimney sweeping requirements. We are also more than willing to adapt to a time that is not only suitable but also convenient for you and as a result we offer hourly time slots to suit you available in:

  • Mornings
  • Evenings
  • Weekends

A same day service is also possible, please call us on 01296 486 375 for more information.

Fluent Chimneys can offer full chimney sweeps from £50, inclusive of VAT.

In addition to chimney sweeps we can also supply and install stoves and multi fuel stoves.

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